Founded in October 1995, with stock code 836375, Guangzhou Yiwen Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturer for environmental online monitoring equipment, leading operator for environmental monitoring and governance, and professional investor for comprehensive environmental management.

In 2011, Yiwen invested RMB 100 million to build an industry base in the Science City of Guangzhou Development Zone. Covering an area of 8,000 m2 and with a building area of about 15,000 m2, the industry base, headquartered in 2014, is one of modern environmental protection equipment integrating office, research and development and production. The completion of the industrial base marks a new level for Yiwen development.

With self-dependent innovation, Yiwen has successfully established the “Core technology, key technology” development system of proprietary intellectual property rights. Taking the responsibility of national important technology instrument development plan as the breakthrough point, with the help of the technological advantages of Tsinghua University, the CISRO of Commonwealth of Australia, the institute of oceanography of South China Sea of China Academy of Sciences, the South China Institute of Environmental Sciences of MEP and other college research institutions, it has established a research and development system integrating production, study, research and usage to make the research and development of the product in the Company to maintain the domestic advanced level.

Aiming at the competition field in the future, based upon the advantage of capital market, Yiwen has successively made strategic cooperation with Qidi Holdings, Huajian Group, Zhong Ao High and New Technology Co., Ltd., French Veolia Group. Through strategic cooperation, Yiwen is looking for disruptive technologies to accelerate the integration of technology between the Company and the world. It is striving to boost diversified expansion and opens a new era.



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