Yiwen, together with the supply and marketing cooperatives, Suifeng Economy Association, jointly signed the Pre-cooperation Framework Agreement on Vein Industrial Park Project

release time:2016-11-10 19:47:57
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Recently, Guangzhou Yiwen Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd. and the supply and marketing cooperation of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Baiyun District Taihe Town Suifeng Economic Association, based on the equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages and win-win development goals, signed the Pre-cooperation Framework Agreement Vein Industrial Park Project to promote the pre-project related work of the construction of intravenous industrial park. Intravenous industry refers to an industry that transfers the waste generated during the production and consumption into reusable resources and products with advance technologies on condition that secure environmental safety, hold the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, and then to achieve the recycling of various types of wastes.

As a leading enterprise in environmental protection industry, Guangzhou Yiwen Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd. has spared no effort to participate in intravenous industrial park project work. The signing of this framework agreement has brought new business growth to the company. The completion of the project is expected to bring new equipment sales revenue, engineering income, rental income. The project has promoted the diversified development of the company's business and provided a broader space for the strategy implementation for making the company become the domestic first-class environment overall solution provider.

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