Case Summary on the Third Party Operation Project of Automatic Monitoring System in Qinghai Province

     Qinghai Yiqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the branch of Guangzhou Yiwen Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd in Qinghai. Founded in August 31, 2009, it is the third party operation management service center of online monitored equipment of key pollution source discharge enterprises in Qinghai. Its main responsibility is to perform thorough maintenance to all monitoring sub-systems in pollution discharge spots of Automatic Monitoring System for pollution source in Qinghai Province in order to ensure normal operation of the system, and provide objective and fair, accurate and reliable as well as real-time and continuous environmental monitoring data for environmental protection administration and enterprises.    

     Automatic monitoring system of pollution source includes two parts: first, pollution source automatic monitoring control comprehensive sub-system, which is also called monitoring control center constructed by environmental protection administration and constituted by computer equipment, network communication equipment, systems software and so on; second, the online monitoring equipment correspond to some environmental pollution source index (like smoke concentration, temperature, pressure, flow velocity, oxygen content, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, etc.; quantity of waste flow, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, oil content and metal ion etc. ) constructed at discharging outlet spot of smoke gas and waste water, pollution source smoke gas and water quality automatic monitored sub-system constituted by video equipment, data acquisition equipment and data transmission equipment.

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